Healthy Meals Crafted for You

Literally Homemade Meal Prep makes it Easier to Eat Healthier in East Lansing, Michigan

Your Literally Homemade Meal Prep session includes menu planning, grocery shopping, delivery, cooking, portioning and cleanup. Your menu is personalized to your taste and dietary preferences and will be different each week.

  • You and your chef will meet for a free introductory meal prep consultation.

  • Shortly after the introductory consultation, you will receive your first meal prep menu.

    • Menu packages start at 8 portions (2 main courses + corresponding sides)

  • Before each meal prep session, you get to approve your custom menu.

  • Your chef shops for the best produce, protein and grains to craft your meals.

  • Your chef brings the ingredients to your home and cooks your menu in your kitchen.

    • You don’t need any special kitchen tools or layout. As long as you have counter space, a stove & oven, basic knives, cutting board and pots & pans you’ll be all set! We work in all kinds of kitchens.

  • We will portion and label your meals into a week’s worth of single servings or package the meals into larger family-style containers.

  • We clean up the kitchen to leave it as sparkling as it was when we arrived.

  • The fun part! You get to eat all your tasty meals!

Menus are personalized for you and we can accomodate most dietary preferences. We’ve cooked for clients who eat vegan, gluten-free, paleo and low-fat diets.

Got any questions?? Shoot us an email!