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Helping you meal prep plant-based, healthy and home-cooked meals.

Helping YOU learn to make Home-cooked Plant-Based Meals


Zach Brooks and Literally Homemade make it easier for you to eat nutritious, plant-based meals. Meal prepping is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to eat a healthy plant-based diet. We are here to help you develop strategies and recipes and flavor combinations to prepare plant-based meals at home.

Wanting to try a plant-based diet?

Trying to mix in more meatless meals?

Vegan veteran looking for menu inspiration?

Trying to save money on your food budget?

We’ll work with you to customize vegan meal prep strategies, recipes and shortcuts. Give us a shout!


We turn plant-based into plant-possible.

A plant-based diet is easier than you think!

With a little advanced preparation, it is easy and satisfying to eat a vegan diet. Vegetables, whole grains and legumes will become delicious and nutritious keys to your plant-based diet. 

A more plant-focused diet can work for you.

We’ll help you get nourished and excited!

Jamaican Jackfruit, Caribbean Black Bean and Veggie Quinoa Bowl
Made a stirfry double feature for last night's dinner with @ravenomics and @marstern: shiitake mushroom and bok choy on the left ➕ sesame tofu and spinach on the right ➕ some steamed brown right underneath #PlantBased
The ingredients for this homecooked lentil, kale, quinoa & edamame power bowl cost literal peanuts. What do you think this lunch would cost at a restaurant? #MealPrep